May 22, 2024

Stephen Davies Publishes Research

Stephen Davies

Professor of Computer Science Stephen Davies’ research appears in the August 2012 issue of Computer, IEEE’s flagship publication. The article “Cinefile: A Category-Based Analytic Browser” is co-authored by Davies and two UMW alumni, Stacey Aylor Seal and Jesse Hatfield. Both Seal and Hatfield are graduate students at George Mason University.

Stephen Davies to Feature in IEEE Computer

Stephen Davies, assistant professor of computer science, will have his paper “Cinefile: A Category-Based Analytic Browser” published in IEEE Computer. The paper, co-authored with former students Stacey Aylor ’11 and Jesse Hatfield ’10, discusses a new user interface paradigm for analyzing patterns in a large database, specifically using the IMDB movie database.

The paper will appear on the publication’s website and in the print version later this year.

Ernest Ackerman

The fifth edition of “Searching and Researching on the Internet and the World Wide Web,” co-authored by Ernest Ackermann, professor of computer science, and Karen Hartman, a former UMW staff member, has been published recently. The first edition of “Searching and Researching” was published in 1997, when Hartman was a reference librarian in the Simpson Library. She currently holds a position in the U.S. State Department. This edition extends the focus on formulating search strategies, understanding how to form search expressions, evaluating information, and citing resources to the social and other technologies often associated with the term Web 2.0.