October 2, 2023

Status of Amendments to the Honor Constitution

Artful-School-Pix-006The University of Mary Washington Board of Visitors considered four procedural changes to the Honor Constitution recommended by students and approved three at the April 19 meeting. The recommended changes are listed below. Number three, the definition of stealing, was not endorsed by the BOV.

“On behalf of the Fredericksburg Campus Honor Council, I would like to thank all those students who participated by voting and express our appreciation to Dr. David Rettinger for his assistance in the process,” said Alice O’Brien, president of the Fredericksburg Campus Honor Council.  “Honor is a way of life at the University of Mary Washington, and we take pride in the fact that the Board of Visitors of the University delegates to the students the authority to operate and maintain the honor system. Your acceptance of and participation in the honor system is vital to its continued success and relevance to the community.”

1.  Change to Honor Suspension:  This sanction was amended so that suspension would no longer be retroactive. The new sanction of suspension can be applied to the current or future semester(s).

2.  Procedure for handling multiple Honor Code violations:  This new procedure clarifies that cases are heard through completion, in the order they are received by the Honor Council.

3.  Stealing.  Changes throughout to indicate that, for purposes of making an honor accusation, “stealing” is limited to an academic context.

4.  Clarifying official beginning of an honor case:  Addition to Article II, Section 1.F – the official start of an honor proceeding begins with first contact either by the accuser or by the Honor Council.