June 4, 2023

Peggy Lepp, Excellent Eagle Employee

Congratulations to Peggy Lepp, who has been selected as an Excellent Eagle Employee by the  Staff Advisory Council.   To thank her for such a wonderful job, she will have a reserved parking spot outside of Lee Hall from Monday, June 6th – Friday, July 1st.

Here is what a co-worker said about her:

“Peggy has 19 years of experience with the University – 17 of those years have been with the Admissions Office.  She works primarily with recruitment records and over the years she has developed organizational skills that help her to manage the tremendous volume of inquiries. She has an excellent working relationship with her fellow co-workers; and, she maintains strong working relationships with her fellow co-workers in the Facility Warehouse, Campus Post Office, Campus Document Center and our Stafford Admissions Office.  She is often asked to accommodate their schedules while struggling to accommodate the demands of her Supervisor.  She does this with her usual sense of calm and humor.   Because Peggy is an hourly employee she is not expected to arrive to work until 9 a.m.; therefore, she is forced to park off campus and “trudge” those extra miles to the office every day.   She doesn’t let that “get her down” – arriving to work on time with warm greetings for everyone.  I cannot think of a better (more deserved) candidate than Peggy Lepp.”

To nominate  an Excellent Eagle Employee, send an email to Dre Anthes, assistant dean of Admissions, at aanthes@umw.edu with Excellent Eagle Employee in the subject line.  State the person’s name, department, work location (with the most convenient parking lot), and  the reason why you believe they should be recognized.  Please spread the word to other employees about this wonderful opportunity to recognize a co-worker(s).

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  1. Teresa M. Zutter says

    My sister, Peggy, is one of the most remarkable women walking the earth. I should know, having watched her with love for 55 years. Congratulations to a wonderful person and a great asset to the University!

  2. Jenifer L. Blair, Ed.D. '82 says

    Having worked with Peggy for many of her 17 years at UMW, I too can attest to her positive attitude, willingness to help in any way, and value as a team member. Way to go Peggy! JB

  3. Michael Howard says

    Peggy is always a breath of fresh air. She goes out of her way to make people feel valued and appreciated. Peggy, thanks for all that you do! Congratulations!

  4. Janet Cropp says

    Congratulation, Peggy. They could not have chosen a nicer person. Janet