June 9, 2023

Announcement of Administrative Changes

I am writing to announce several administrative changes that became effective on March 10, 2012.  These organizational alignments are being made to support operational effectiveness and advance the strategic goals of the University.  Please note that these are structural changes only; they result in no additional administrative positions. 

Information Technology:  IT becomes part of the Division of Administration and Finance, reporting to Vice President Rick Pearce.  Information Technology will continue to be led by Justin Webb, serving as Acting Chief Information Officer. 

University Police:  University Police, which is headed by Chief Eddie Perry, becomes part of the Division of Student Affairs and reports to Vice President Doug Searcy.  Communications (police dispatching) will fall under Chief Perry and also is part of this move. 

Procurement:  In addition to her other responsibilities, Erma Baker, Assistant Vice President for Business Services, also assumes the role and title of Chief Procurement Officer for the University.  Parking Management will continue to report to Ms. Baker. 

Emergency Management and Safety:  The Office of Emergency Management and Safety, which is headed by Ruth Lovelace, remains in the Division of Administration and Finance reporting directly to Vice President Rick Pearce.  Emergency Management and Safety will continue to oversee the University Locksmith. 

University Events and Conferencing:  Susan Knick assumes the new title of Director of Scheduling and Events and will work within the Office of University Events and Conferencing under the leadership of Susan Worrell, Special Assistant to the President.  This relocation will enhance the scheduling of facilities and coordination of conferences, while supporting the strategic growth of summer conferences and revenue enhancement for the University.  Also reporting to Ms. Worrell will be Doug Noble, Director of Dodd Auditorium and the audiovisual staff. 

Human Resources:  Pam Lowery assumes the role and title of Director of Technology in Professional Development and HR Consultant, and moves into the Office of Human Resources. She will report to Associate Vice President Sabrina Johnson.  In addition to her current responsibilities for technology training and consulting with end users in the application of technology, Ms. Lowery will become part of a team charged with developing a comprehensive Employee Professional Development and Training Program. 

Martin A. Wilder, Jr., Ed.D.

Chief of Staff

Office of the President

University of Mary Washington

1301 College Avenue

Fredericksburg, VA  22401 

Phone:  540-654-1301

Email:  mwilder@umw.edu