May 22, 2024

Nicole Crowder Presents Research and Innovative Pedagogy

K. Nicole Crowder presented an invited talk and a poster at the 254th American Chemical Society National Meeting and Symposium in New Orleans, LA.Her invited talk “Tethered catalysts: Self-assembled monolayers of phosphonates as a platform for heterogeneous catalysis,” was presented to a full room in the Inorganic Chemistry Division.  She presented a poster entitled “Back to grad school with IONiC/VIPEr: Collaborative development of primary literature based learning objects in a workshop setting” was presented in the Inorganic Chemistry Division and was selected for presentation at the prestigious SciMix poster session.  Additionally, her research was featured on two posters that were presented by her student collaborators.  Eric Johnson (UMW 2014) presented “Modifying copper surfaces with azide-terminated phosphonic acids: A platform for surface functionalization via click chemistry,” and Karmel James (UMW 2013) presented “Modification of bipyridine ligands for the development of a tethered carbon dioxide reduction catalyst.”

You can view Dr. Crowder’s abstracts at