June 22, 2024

Winter Break Parking Message

The following message is from Parking Management:  

Due to the possibility of inclement weather during winter break, ALL vehicles…this includes ALL student, visitor, Fac/Staff/Contractor vehicles AND any UMW assigned Service/Pool Vehicles for all departments…that are left unattended/overnight on campus during the Winter Break should be parked in Sunken Road lots  #11,  #13 or the William Street lot and, for Eagle Landing residents, floors 3 through 5 of the Eagle Landing deck.

In the event of a Snow Emergency Declaration, all other lots/areas will need to be clear of vehicles, this includes Fac/Staff vehicles and any UMW assigned Service/Pool Vehicles for all departments; please move these vehicles to the above mentioned areas or the Physical Plant prior to your campus departure, and follow any other Declaration instructions.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season! Please contact the Parking Management Office at (540) 654-1129 with any questions.