February 25, 2024

McAllister Publishes Article

Marie E. McAllister, Professor of English, has published an article in Source: Notes on the History of Art. “A Flaxman Mystery Solved: Lalande, Flaxman’s Venice Visit, and the Attribution of British Library Add. MS 39890” grows out of McAllister’s work on the 18th-century travel writer Ann Flaxman, wife of the famous British sculptor John Flaxman (1755-1826). A series of fortuitous discoveries in library archives enabled McAllister to demonstrate that a manuscript long taken as a significant source on John Flaxman’s travels and education was in fact a translation from a French travel book, not an actual travel journal. UMW colleague Marjorie Och helped suggest an ideal publication venue for this discovery, which will be of interest to historians of Neoclassical art as well as scholars working on travel literature.