June 2, 2023

Increased Tractor-Trailer Traffic on College Avenue, Feb. 26-28

The following message is from Facilities Services:

Beginning Wednesday, February 26 through Friday, February 28, tractor trailers will deliver crane parts for assembly on the Campus Center construction site on College Avenue. Once assembled the crane will aid in the construction of the structural steel frame of the building, which will start taking shape from March 3 through the end of May.

During this time, College Avenue will experience increased tractor-trailer traffic. This traffic will be heavy initially with the delivery of the crane, but will decrease rapidly to an average of two or three trailers every three days. The disruption to normal traffic flow is expected to be about five minutes per trailer as they arrive and depart the construction site. Due to the restricted turning area, use of the end of Parcell Street at College Avenue is necessary to accommodate these deliveries.

Deliveries are expected to occur between class changes and are not expected to disrupt foot traffic along College Avenue.

A. Leslie Johnson, Jr.

Project Manager, Capital Outlay