June 10, 2023


UMW Community,

This week, UMW became aware of a vulnerability in OpenSSL, which is encryption software used by approximately 66% of web servers worldwide.  This vulnerability is being referred to as “Heartbleed”.

As a precaution, we are asking that you change your UMW password.  Please visit password.umw.edu to change your password.  If you have any questions or need assistanc, please contact the UMW HelpDesk at 654-2255.

It is also recommended that you change passwords for other websites that you may visit frequently such as Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Instagram, etc.  A good list to start with can be found on the UMW ITSecurity Twitter post “Start changing your passwords!”. @UMWITSecurity

Lastly, please be on the lookout for emails in the coming weeks on the topic “Heartbleeder” that are asking or scaring you into clicking links.  They will likely be from email addresses you’ve never seen before with links that look strange.  Please forward these phishing emails to abuse@umw.edu so they can be properly addressed!  If there is any doubt, please forward the email.  Remember, UMW will NEVER ask your for your password!

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the UMW HelpDesk at 654-2255.

Ray Usler,  CISSP, CISM

Director of IT Security and ISO

University of Mary Washington