June 13, 2024

Show Fredericksburg that UMW Cares

On September 26, the United Way will be coordinating a one-day mobilization of volunteers from the business communities in the City of Fredericksburg and surrounding area– also known as the Day of Caring. Volunteers will be matched with non-profit organizations, social services, and schools to complete vital projects in the Greater Fredericksburg area.

Last year, volunteers from multiple divisions formed a team and took part in the Day of Caring and we served 3 different agencies – Hope House, Micah, and Hartwood Elementary School!

This year, I would like to invite all divisions at UMW to take part. Every employee is allotted 16 hours of service every year. Not only is this a way to encourage employees to use those hours but also to bond as a co-workers across the university.

If you are interested in volunteering for a full or half day, please fill out the registration form on OrgSync: https://orgsync.com/59560/forms/79478

Please register by August 12 at 5:30 p.m.!!