October 4, 2023

Show Fredericksburg that UMW Cares

On September 26, the United Way will be coordinating a one-day mobilization of volunteers from the business communities in the City of Fredericksburg and surrounding area– also known as the Day of Caring. Volunteers will be matched with non-profit organizations, social services, and schools to complete vital projects in the Greater Fredericksburg area.

Last year, volunteers from multiple divisions formed a team and took part in the Day of Caring and we served 3 different agencies – Hope House, Micah, and Hartwood Elementary School!

This year, I would like to invite all divisions at UMW to take part. Every employee is allotted 16 hours of service every year. Not only is this a way to encourage employees to use those hours but also to bond as a co-workers across the university.

If you are interested in volunteering for a full or half day, please fill out the registration form on OrgSync: https://orgsync.com/59560/forms/79478

Please register by August 12 at 5:30 p.m.!!

UMW Staff Volunteer for “Day of Caring”

University of Mary Washington staff formed four volunteer teams that participated in one of the Rappahannock United Way “Days of Caring” on Friday, Sept. 14.

A total of 42 UMW staff members volunteered this year, an increase from last year’s 28 volunteers. Participants came from UMW’s Facilities Services, Advancement and University Relations, Academic Services, and Student Affairs divisions.

The volunteers spent the day at the Boys and Girls Club in Fredericksburg, and helped with weeding, cutting grass, planting flowers, mulching and washing the vans that transport the children. UMW also donated used computers to the club.

UMW’s Director of Service, Christina Eggenberger, has helped involve staff in the Rappahannock United Way’s program for the past three years.

“It’s fun to hear each team name being called…and to show UMW spirit to the community,” she said.

Other local businesses and organizations volunteered, however UMW had the biggest group there, Eggenberger said.

Director of Campus Recreation and the Fitness Center, Mark Mermelstein, worked with other staff members to wash the vans.

“It’s a great opportunity to get out and work on something together,” Mermelstein said.

Rappahannock United Way expanded the opportunity for community volunteering when they changed the “Day of Caring” into “Days of Caring.” Likewise, Mark Thaden, director of alumni relations, has a similar mindset.

“I hope to see our numbers continue to grow every year in participation,” said Thaden.

UMW Dahlgren Campus Sponsors Days of Caring Team

The UMW Dahlgren campus, in support of the Rappahannock United Way’s second annual King George Days of Caring, invites you to join Team UMW Dahlgren as a volunteer on Thursday, October 20. You’ll join other UMW volunteers who will invest their time and energy to assist a Rappahannock United Way member agency complete a project that is valuable to the agency and meaningful to the agency’s clients.  Classified staff, with supervisor approval, may take one day (8 hours) of paid School Assistance and Volunteer Leave. Administrative/Professional Faculty, with supervisor approval, may take one day (8 hours) of Leave to Provide Community Service.

To volunteer or for more information, contact Mark Safferstone, executive director of UMW’s Dahlgren campus at msaffers@umw.edu or (540) 286-8013.  Volunteers will be accepted on a first-come basis until 5 p.m. on Thursday, October 13th and Team UMW Dahlgren will be limited to a maximum of 10 team members.

Go to http://umweagleeye.wpengine.com/2011/09/15/umw-staff-volunteer-at-day-of-caring/ for the recent EagleEye article and photos of UMW’s participation in this year’s Days of Caring on September 15th.

For more information, go to the United Way’s website – http://www.rappahannockunitedway.org/daysofcaring.html.