July 15, 2024

**Scheduled Interrupted Water Service**

Water service will be interrupted for a period of six hours from Friday, September 12, at 11 p.m. through Saturday, September 13. at 5 a.m. The following buildings will be without water service during this time: Woodard Hall, Mercer Hall, Willard Hall, Virginia Hall, Seacobeck Hall, Monroe Hall, Lee Hall, Trinkle Hall, the new Campus Center, Ball Hall, Custis Hall and Madison Hall. This will affect all domestic water, including toilets, sinks, water fountains and showers. Residential students in the above named halls may use restrooms in the Convergence Center or Randolph-Mason Link.

This water outage is necessary in order to connect a new water line which re-routes outside the planned addition to Woodard and Mercer Halls. We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause and express our appreciation for your patience and support.

If you have questions, please contact Sid Lambiotte in Facilities Services at 540/654-2085.