May 29, 2023

Spring Orientation Parking Message

The following message is from UMW Parking Management:

Greetings University Community:

We are excited to host new UMW students for Spring ’15 Orientation on Friday, January 9,2015.  This process is very important to help our new students and their families acclimate to the University community.  Your support to create a welcoming atmosphere and campus experience is greatly appreciated.  As part of this process, the orientation committee has outlined the needed parking for orientation. This may alter where you will need to park on Friday. The information below provides specific directions.  Thanks in advance for your support.

In support of UMW Student Orientation, the following parking lot reservations will apply for Friday January 9, 1 a.m. through 11 p.m.:

NOTE:  This does not include handicap parking spaces; if you are eligible, those spaces remain available.

George Washington Hall (GW) lot

Outbound Double Drive

Jefferson Square

*If you are displaced from the lots listed above during Orientation, UMW faculty/staff and contractors with appropriate decals may utilize parking in the following faculty/staff areas:

College Avenue

Other campus lots available:



Thornton Street

Anderson Center

Alvey Deck level # 4 fac/staff parking

Sunken Road


Lee Hall



Please contact the Parking Management Office, extension 1129, with any questions.