July 15, 2024

Important MyTime Update

In response to the feedback from the campus community and after thorough research and consideration, the MyTime team is pleased to announce the following significant changes to MyTime functionality effective May 10th.  Please read the update in its entirety as these changes will affect all employees.

Summary of changes:

  • Rounding will be to the quarter of an hour with a seven minute grace period
  • All time calculations will change to a quarter of an hour from the tenth of an hour
  • Leave taken (for most employees) will change to a quarter of an hour from the tenth of an hour
  • Non-exempt full-time classified employees will now have an automatic lunch deduction

Rounding Change – Calculations:

All punches and MyTime calculations will round to the quarter of an hour (.25) increment with a 7 minute grace period. Reminder: all calculations prior to May 10th are in a tenth of an hour and MyTime calculates punch to punch.


Rounding Calculation Minute Table
Minute Range Rounded Minute Rounding Increment
:53-:07 :00 .00
:08-:22 :15 .25
:23-:37 :30 .50
:38-:52 :45 .75


For example, an employee arriving at 7:54am will be rounded to 8:00am for time calculations; however, the actual punch remains as 7:54am on the employee timecard. 

Rounding Change  – Leave

Request for Time Off (RTO) will require leave to be requested in 15 minute, the quarter hour (.25) increments for all classified fulltime employees. Admin Faculty participating in VSDP (Sick Personal and Family Personal) and taking leave other than annual and/or traditional sick/sick family, will also be in the quarter of an hour. In order to facilitate this change we need assistance in the following:

  • Employees – Prior to May 8th, submit all RTO’s for leave to be taken for the current pay period ending May 9th
  • Supervisors – Prior to COB May 9th, review and take appropriate action on all submitted RTO’s for leave occurring through May 9th
  • Any RTO’s for less than a full day left in a submitted status will be approved by the MyTime team on the evening of May 9th
  • Effective May 10th all RTO’s even for dates PRIOR to May 10th will need to be submitted in a quarter hour (.25, .50, .75)
  • Remember the length field is your daily shift hours

Auto meal deduction

Non-exempt fulltime classified employees will no longer need to punch in/out for lunch on a daily basis. The automatic meal deduction is based upon their scheduled lunch break as previously provided by their supervisor. On any given day if the length of your lunch will differ from the automatic meal deduction, please use the optional punch in/out procedure for that day. The timestamp screen will now include the “cancel meal deduction” check box. This option can be used when an employee does not take their scheduled lunch on any given day

Supervisor Information:

  • Within the exceptions widget, the Ctrl key may be used to select multiple exceptions to mark as reviewed.
  • A column with the employee pay rule has been added to the Approvals Summary and Reconcile Timecard.

The MyTime team is continuing the feasibility study in regards to the mobile application for the employee and supervisor along with the IPAD app for supervisors.  Version 8, which is Java free, is due out from Kronos in early to mid-summer.  Once it is released, we will be one of the first clients to have it in development to begin testing with an expected go-live in Fall 2015.

If you have any issues, please contact the UMW Helpdesk at 654-2255. A help desk ticket will be entered and a MyTime team member will reply.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.





Allyson P. Moerman, CPA.CITP, CGFM, CGMA

Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller

University of Mary Washington


540-654-1168 – fax