July 23, 2024

Board of Visitors Announces Presidential Search Advisory Committee

The following message is from the Office of Media and Public Relations:

Rector Holly Cuellar announced at the May 8 meeting of the Board of Visitors the formation of the presidential search advisory committee for selection of the 10th president of the University of Mary Washington. “Appointment of a president is the most important duty of the Board of Visitors.” Cuellar said. “And we take our role very seriously.” The selection committee will do initial screening, vetting, and interviewing of candidates, then recommending to the full Board a select group of finalists. The composition of the committee is as follows:

2015-2016 Presidential Search Advisory Committee


Holly T. Cuellar ’89                           Rector, Board of Visitors



Tara C. Corrigall ’82                          Board of Visitors


Theresa Y. Crawley ’77                   Board of Visitors & UMW Foundation Board


Rita F. Dunston                                 University Registrar


Christopher J. Garcia                      Assistant Professor of Quantitative Business Methods


Joseph W. Grzeika ‘83                    Board of Visitors


Mark S. Ingrao ’81                            Board of Visitors


Sabrina C. Johnson                          Associate Vice President for Human Resources & AAEEO Officer


Kenneth J. Lopez ’92                      Board of Visitors


Venitta C. McCall                              Professor of Education & Dorsey Scholars Program Mentor


Kathleen S. Mehfoud ’70              Chairman, UMW Foundation Board


Timothy M. O’Donnell                   Professor of Communication & Associate Provost for Student

                                                                  Success and Engagement


Anand Rao                                     Associate Professor of Communication & Speaking Center and

                                                                  Speaking Intensive Program Director


Fred Rankin                                        Board of Visitors


Kelli M. Slunt ‘91                               Professor of Chemistry & Director of the Honors Program


Jay Sinha ’07                                       UMW Alumnus


Hannah P. Tibbett, ’16                   2015-2016 Student Government Association President


Kenneth D. Tyler                              Director of Athletics


Martin A. Wilder, Jr.                        Chief of Staff