June 15, 2024

Golf Cart Driver Frank Powell Retires from UMW

frankpowell_facebook_may20Mary Washington students knew him affectionately as the “golf cart man,” the friendly gentleman who drove around campus in a golf cart greeting students while keeping the campus clean.

Frank Powell retired on Friday, May 15, after more than a decade on UMW’s grounds crew. According to Powell, when he first started in September of 2004, he was assigned to drive around campus in the golf cart to clean up the cigarette butts that littered campus walkways. The variety of trash collected expanded and changed over the years.

“Students always came up to me and thanked me,” said Powell. “They told me how much better I made the campus look.”

Although he is no longer present on campus, Powell says he will always remember his time at UMW. “All the grounds crew were so nice to me,” said Powell. And he certainly won’t forget the  students.

“I felt like I was one of them,” he said. Driving around campus and saying hello to students made Powell feel  not only younger but also proud. “I felt like I was doing something worthwhile, and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was just an awesome time.”

Warm congratulations, Frank, from a less tidy campus that is missing a faithful friend!


  1. Lori Izykowski says

    Congratulations and best wishes, Frank!