June 5, 2023

Message about Faculty/Staff Dining

The following message is from the Office of Administration and Finance:

To:  Faculty and Staff,

Some of you have already visited the new residential dining room on the fourth floor of the new University Center (UC).  For those that have not, you are in for a treat.  It is a spectacular space with a wide array of foods and cooking stations.  The dining area’s views from the windows and verandas overlooking Ball Circle and the College Heights neighborhood are impressive.  This is a world class dining facility with the latest in technology and cooking trends.

Beginning this coming Monday, a separate dining room will be set aside and clearly identified, for faculty and staff on the fourth floor of the UC as a replacement for the Fac/Staff room in Seacobeck.   Given the significantly increased square footage in the UC dining area, training with new equipment, service style and technology, as well as the logistics of bringing a facility on line to serve thousands of customers, our dining partners simply do not have the resources to operate the UC as well as Fac/Staff in the manner the University would expect – as the President mentioned in his address Wednesday, the food offerings in Seacobeck would be very limited.  I am confident (and hopeful) that this new arrangement will meet the expectations of our faculty and staff.  The folks that have visited to date have felt this will be a very nice change in venue.  We welcome your feedback as we make this transition.

One bit of not so great news – the cost has increased from $5 to $6 per person.  Still a pretty good deal, though!

Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.  Thanks for your support.


Richard R. Pearce

Vice President for Administration and Finance

University of Mary Washington

(540) 654-1020