December 7, 2023

Staff Advisory Council announces Larry Atkins Award winners

On Tuesday, October 13, the annual Fall Luncheon was held in the Chandler Ballroom of University Center. This event is held in recognition of all UMW employees and the contributions they make to the operation of our university. It is also an opportunity to present awards to one member each in Wage, Classified, and Administrative / Professional Faculty groups. This year’s awardees are:

Gene Feltner, Wage. Excerpts from the proposing citation read: … always going out of his way to help his fellow employee … visits different departments daily to conduct Finance business, and is always willing to perhaps drop a package off, or pick up an item at a different location … sets the bar high when it comes to internal and external customer service … always willing to take on new responsibilities and new roles.

Ginny Irvin, Classified. In proposing Ginny, one of her champions wrote: … [s]he is a stickler for accuracy, timeliness, and following through on all jobs … yet to see her miss a deadline or fail to produce when the chips were down … always manages to get everything done on time and in highly effective fashion … takes an interest in the personal lives of co-workers … she is as loyal and dedicated employee as there is.

Allyson Moerman, Administrative Faculty. Here are excerpts from the citation proposing Allyson: … always there for her employees, and her colleagues … a great example for what a supervisor should be … trusts her employees to do the jobs they are tasked with … [s]he leads with grace and dignity; always taking the high road, while getting the job done.

Each recipient receives $100 in addition to the accolades of their fellows.


  1. Laura Allison says

    It was my honor to present the Larry Atkins Awards to Gene, Ginny, and Allyson. Congratulations again!

    Congratulations to all of the nominees, we couldn’t do it with out you!!!