June 6, 2023

Connie HuyleBroeck named Excellent Eagle Employee

Connie HuyleBroeck named Excellent Eagle Employee for December/January

Staff Advisory Council is pleased to recognize Connie HuyleBroeck as the Excellent Eagle Employee for December and January. The award for this honor is a designated parking space for the month. Due to the length of the annual Winter Break, the award length is also extended.

In nominating Connie, her anonymous champion wrote:

I would like to nominate Connie HuyleBroeck, Housekeeping Supervisor Senior, for the Excellent Eagle award. Connie takes pride in her work and it shows. She truly cares about the buildings she works in and the people in those buildings. She’s also a great mentor to her staff. Connie frequently has temp agency workers who need to be trained. She does such a good job of training them that they’re often pulled away from her crew and put in other buildings. No matter what difficulties she faces, she always has a smile and is truly willing to go the extra mile. Connie is a very caring and dedicated employee, and the staff of Simpson Library are very happy she’s here!

Congratulate Connie when you see her, and remember to send nominations for Excellent Eagle Employee to Excellent Eagle Employee nominations.


  1. Tina Faulconer says

    Congratulations Connie!! Connie definitely deserves to be recognized. She is an extremely hard worker and a very conscientious employee. She goes above and beyond when it comes to carrying out her daily tasks. She is always upbeat and constantly strives to please. We are very lucky to have her.

  2. Milton Kline says

    Connie takes a lot of pride in her work and takes personal interest in her staff. I know she cares a great deal about the people she serves. She makes everyone around her a better employee.