May 24, 2024

Broome Co-Authors Chapter on Teaching #BlackLivesMatter

John P. Broome, associate professor of education and program director of elementary, preK-12 and secondary education in the College of Education, co-authored “On the Matter of Black Lives: Using CRT and C3 Inquiry to Examine Current Events” in the recently published book, “Race Lessons: Using Inquiry to Teach About Race in Social Studies“, from Information Age Publishing.

His chapter, written with Dr. Jason Endacott (University of Arkansas), explores the teaching of  controversial race-focused current events in general, and the #BlackLivesMatter movement in particular, through the lens of Critical Race Theory and inquiry-based pedagogy in secondary social studies classrooms.

This work is an extension of his 2014-2016 research on the teaching of the events of Ferguson, Missouri and the #BlackLivesMatter movement in grades 6-12 in the United States.