October 2, 2023

Stommel Talks About Marylhurst Closing in Inside Higher Ed

Market Changes, Missteps and Marylhurst’s Closure (Inside Higher Ed)

Jesse Stommel, executive director of the division of teaching and learning technologies at the University of Mary Washington and a former professor and digital humanist at Marylhurst, agreed via email that “institutions like Marylhurst can’t keep up with … the marketing machine that many online programs have tapped into. The story of Marylhurst was a small one, and I wish more institutions were thinking about how to get online education to work at that scale. Instead of always scaling up, why aren’t we also focusing on how to take something small, something focused on humans working together, something like the liberal arts online?

“It’s hard for something at such a small (and lovely) scale to compete with the Courseras of the world,” Stommel added.