June 3, 2023

Rosalyn Cooperman Comments on WAMU

Rosalyn Cooperman

Rosalyn Cooperman, associate professor of Political Science

Associate Professor of Political Science Rosalyn Cooperman was quoted in a recent interview, “How The Scandals In Richmond Could Affect Virginia Democrats This Fall,” on WAMU:

Political scientist Rosalyn Cooperman of the University of Mary Washington cautions not to oversimplify things. For example, Cooperman said most white women tend to vote Republican, while African-American women decidedly vote for Democrats. “Women are not monolithic in their political preferences,” she said. “You have many factors here that may play out differently for different groups of women voters.” But Cooperman said the issue of sexual assault — and the issue of racism — are particularly salient among Democratic-leaning voters. These scandals, she said, will likely lessen enthusiasm among these groups. Read more.