July 23, 2024

Reserving Event Space at UMW

To: All Faculty and Staff

From: Jeffrey McClurken (on behalf of the Space Utilization Committee, the Office of Events and Conferencing, and the Registrar’s Office)

As part of our movement to a single centralized scheduling system, 25Live is our new system of record for all scheduled rooms on campus. In addition to creating a unified place to find and reserve rooms at UMW, using the system will provide a one-stop location for room reservation, as well as supporting our emergency services personnel and our analysis of space usage. Here is how Faculty and Staff will reserve rooms going forward for events.

Reserving Event Space at UMW

25Live is UMW’s university-wide scheduling system. This system provides a centralized tool for scheduling events and requesting room reservations throughout the university.

There are two parts to the system. By default, all users will have access to the Express Scheduling tool for booking short meetings and study sessions in select spaces up to 30 days in advance. Approved users can also access the Event Wizard to submit requests for events all over campus.

Express Scheduling

Book conference rooms and study spaces for up to two-hour sessions.

All faculty, staff, and students can reserve meetings rooms and study space using 25Live Express Scheduling (max of two hours per session in select rooms, up to 30 days in advance). Use of this system requires no additional training, and reservations are approved immediately.

Express Scheduling can be used on any computer using the Chrome or Firefox web browsers (the system will not work in Internet Explorer) or on a mobile device.

Learn more about the 25Live Dashboard and Express Scheduling here.


Event Wizard

Approved users (faculty and staff) can request space for longer or recurring reservations using the 25Live Event Wizard. Most requests using the Event Wizard require review by a space manager, so may not be immediately approved. Events can be requested up to one year in advance.

The Event Wizard works best on a computer using Chrome or Firefox web browsers (the system will not work in Internet Explorer).

Faculty and staff can request access to the Event Wizard. Contact the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@umw.edu for more information.

To access the information in this email, go to umw.edu/reserve

To access the 25Live scheduling system directly, go to https://25live.collegenet.com/umw/scheduling.html#/home

A Final Note

This is a new process and there will be some issues as the university gets used to being on a centralized system. Please be patient as we work through these issues together. For general questions and technical issues with the system, contact the IT Help Desk. Academic course scheduling questions should go to Academic Deans or Evie Sherlock. Event scheduling questions for fac/staff should go to Sue Lafayette. Student group scheduling questions should go to Sandrine Sutphin.