May 22, 2024

Physical Wellness: Put it Into Practice

How do you define Physical Wellness for yourself personally? Do you incorporate nutrition into your daily diet, go to the gym weekly, or maybe just take a walk/run daily? There are number of great ideas on being physical well and active, but what can we do to make it a goal or a daily habit in our lives? We will be showcasing several ideas this month on helping all of us become more physically well and the first suggestion is to just walk. Make an appointment with yourself and grab your walking shoes and some friends. Go explore Fredericksburg either by walking downtown or enjoying nature on the hiking trails or surrounding battlefields.

Another suggestion is to join the President Council on Wellness (PCOW) sponsored Mary Wash Moves Event or the PCOW Walking Wednesdays. Mary Wash Moves is a team of faculty and staff split up into 6 teams. Keep track of your steps during the month of October and the team with the highest average wins some great prizes. Join a team by writing your name on the team color tab you choose in the official tracking document. For more information, email

Walking Wednesdays is available for anyone who has free time between 1:00 and 2:00pm on any Wednesday. We start in front of Lee Hall and explore different routes across campus or downtown for about 30-45 minutes. PCOW will be putting more information out in the coming weeks about this easy, once a week walking event. Let’s start some healthy practices to become more physically well!