October 4, 2023

Call for Move-In Volunteers

A message from the Office of Student Affairs. 

Dear Colleagues:

As you know, the University of Mary Washington will be reopening our residence halls starting with first-year students on Thursday September 10. We need your help! We typically count on scores of Move-In volunteers; however, so far this year the response from staff and faculty has been lower than usual, which certainly makes sense given the public health emergency and other pandemic realities.

Please know that 2020 Move-In will be very different. We will have very strict guidelines in place for our Move-In volunteers and the students and families moving in. This year, our staff and faculty volunteers will assist with traffic flow, answering questions, and guiding students and families across campus.

The Move-In dates are next week, September 10-13. We will have a brief Zoom training for our volunteers ahead of time.  If you’re interested in volunteering during Move-In, please go to our volunteer page on Sign-Up Genius.

Please direct any questions to Michelle Brooks, mesch@umw.edu.

For our new students especially, the first few days and weeks at UMW are particularly important for the rest of their time in college. Many new students and their families are hopeful and excited about being back on campus. Thank you in advance for assisting us with this significant student experience.


Juliette Landphair
Vice President of Student Affairs
University of Mary Washington .