June 5, 2023

Henry Mills Named as 2021 Goldwater Scholar

Henry Mills 2021 Goldwater Scholar

Henry Mills, 2021 Goldwater Scholar

William “Henry” Mills was recently selected as a 2021 Barry Goldwater Scholar. Henry transferred to UMW in Fall 2018. The Goldwater Scholarship Foundation awarded 410 scholarships from a pool of 1256 students nominated by 438 institutions. Henry’s application highlights his research with Dr. Varun Makhija and their collaborators at Stanford Linear Accelerator National Laboratory and the National Research Council of Canada. These scientists are investigating the rotational dynamics of water molecules to better understand natural phenomena such as vision and photosynthesis. Henry is working with lasers and computers to visualize (or take pictures of) the molecules. His research has been submitted for publication in Physical Review A. The Department of Chemistry and Physics wish to congratulate Henry Mills and his mentor Dr. Varun Makhija on his recognition as a Goldwater Scholar.