July 13, 2024

Updated Message from the President’s Cabinet

Good morning,

We understand that there was some confusion generated by the July 6 message regarding returning to work on campus.  The information below is intended to help clarify the message and expectations.

  • Our goal for fall is for our students to return to an active and vibrant campus, and to that end, the primary work location for most employees is expected to shift back to campus by August 2.  During COVID most employees’ primary work location was at home with an occasional presence on campus.   Beginning August 2, this will shift for many employees, particularly those who are in student or public-facing positions.  This does not, however, preclude the option of telework within our workforce.
  • Supervisors and employees are encouraged to discuss individual situations and determine if some level of telework is still appropriate given the role of the department and the employee’s position.
  • As our overarching goal is to revive our campus and return it to a thriving community, decisions regarding work flexibility should be made with this objective in mind.
  • The telework agreement has been revised to make it more user-friendly while remaining within the parameters of the DHRM telework policy (last updated in 2019).  The Telework Policy and Procedure page on the HR website contains the revised Telework Agreement form and additional guidance regarding telework and alternative scheduling options.   You will also find links to helpful telework resources for supervisors and employees.
  • If the employee and supervisor agree that telework is an option, they should complete the Telework Agreement form, which should be signed by the employee, supervisor and Cabinet VP, and then forwarded to the Human Resources Department.
  • We will be offering training for supervisors which will focus on assessing workplace flexibility options and managing a hybrid work environment.
  • The Future of Work group will continue its work to explore options and advise Cabinet on evolving workplace matters.

Sent on behalf of the President’s Cabinet

Beth Williams
Executive Director for Human Resources
University of Mary Washington
(540) 654-1294
1301 College Avenue
George Washington Hall, Room 203
Fredericksburg, VA 22401