June 4, 2023

A message from Finance about direct deposits

The following message is from UMW Finance and the Virginia Department of Accounts.

In preparation for a new statewide payroll system and direct deposit process, the Virginia Department of Accounts Payroll Operations unit sent a pre-note file to SunTrust/Truist Bank to validate payroll direct deposit account numbers for all state agencies. Even though Mary Washington is not scheduled to go live on the new statewide payroll system until April 2022, this pre-note process includes UMW and UMW employees.

Depending on your bank, you may see a zero dollar transaction dated 09/15 in a pending status on your account. Do not be alarmed. You should also see the normal pay/direct deposit transaction for 9/16, if that’s your normal pay date, with the net pay amount that goes to that bank account. The state apologizes for any confusion this may cause and assures there will be no impact on the normal deposits.