May 26, 2024

Andrea Meckley named January’s Excellent Eagle Employee!

Congratulations to Andrea Meckley! Andrea is USC’s Excellent Eagle Employee for the month of January. Below is what James Pape, UMW Libraries’ access services and outreach librarian, had to say about Andrea:

“Andrea was instrumental in providing online resources to Faculty and Students during the Spring and Summer semesters of 2020. She was the direct contact for any issues dealing with accessibility of library resources in Canvas, and due to her dedication and continual physical presence on the UMW campus, users were able to access the resources they desperately needed through emailed scans, Canvas course pages, or physical copies of materials. To accomplish this is enough to warrant being given the Excellent Eagle; however, she has also transitioned to a new position within the library during July 2020 due to retirements, and has been able to skillfully navigate how to lend and borrow needed materials to and from other institutions from around the world during the pandemic. It takes a special person and co-worker to being able to not only take on new and more difficult role during a pandemic, but to do it with the professionalism and eagerness to improve is something special!”

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