July 17, 2024

Brand update

We are pleased to announce the completion of the University of Mary Washington Brand Toolkit and Supplemental Guide. These documents provide campus communicators the elements they need to communicate UMW’s institutional brand correctly and consistently. It is important to create and maintain a consistent visual identity to strengthen our image, increase public awareness, and demonstrate a spirt of excellence across the University.

In addition to providing access to approved fonts and logos, the toolkit addresses the appropriate ways to incorporate the brand into your correspondence and promotional collateral. The supplement addresses guidelines for printed materials like business cards, stationary, and secondary logos. These are living documents that are updated periodically to reflect revisions, additions, and changes. Our goal is to keep them current, relevant, and useful.

Your support is critical to our success in maintaining the UMW brand. We ask that you phase out the usage of old materials with the column logo by the end of March 2022. In a few weeks, all University employees will receive a new nametag. Orders for new business cards may be placed through the eVA punch-out catalog (see your department buyer for assistance). Stationary orders may be placed through Design Services.

For your convenience, the toolkit can be accessed here: go.umw.edu/logo. If you have questions about UMW style and usage, please call or email us.


Malcolm T. Holmes
Director, University Marketing​

AJ Newell
Director of Design Services, Brand Coordinator