May 24, 2024

Larus Presents Research on U.S.-Taiwan Sister City Relations

Larus research presentation

Larus research presentation

Elizabeth Freund Larus, Professor Emerita of Political Science and International Affairs and Pew Davis Fellow at Middlebury College, offered a research presentation 台美姐妹城市的合作 [Taiwan-U.S. Sister City Cooperation] in Chinese at Middlebury College on July 21, 2022. Professor Larus indicated that beyond facilitating cultural exchanges and understanding, sister city cooperation is a useful tool for expanding Taiwan’s diplomatic space.

In addition, Professor Larus also spoke to media for several reports:

On Aug. 1, Professor Larus commented on U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan on Germany’s DW broadcast news program and indicated that although Pelosi’s Asia trip is intended to demonstrate U.S. commitment to the peace and security of the region, her stop in Taiwan risks greater Chinese aggression against the island. Read more.

Also on Aug. 1, Larus spoke with Newsy’s August 1 Morning Rush news program and indicated that Pelosi’s visit demonstrates U.S. commitment to a free Taiwan but risks retaliation from China.

Professor Larus offered commentary to Tin Tuc Vietnam news on U.S. President Biden’s July 28 phone call with Chinese leader Xi Jinping and noted that  the high-level exchange demonstrated goodwill between the two sides, which has positive implications for bilateral relations. Read more.