June 6, 2023

CCPD Welcomes New Employee, Amanda Talbert

Amanda Talbert

Amanda Talbert

Introducing the newest Associate Director at UMW’s Center for Career and Professional Development 

Amanda Talbert has been named Associate Director in the Center for Career and Professional Development at UMW.  In this position, Talbert will be responsible for aiding in the growth of student internships by engaging employers throughout the greater Fredericksburg region and beyond.  Talbert will prioritize the expansion of relationships with employers and alumni to include various on-campus and off-campus professional development activities.   

“This role is critical in helping us achieve our goal of connecting the region’s employers with the students at UMW who will make up the workforce of today and tomorrow. We are thrilled to have Amanda on board!” said Kimberly Young, Associate Provost for Career and Workforce at UMW.

Talbert is no stranger to the UMW leadership team. She comes to UMW from GEICO where she most recently worked as the Regional Public Affairs Coordinator managing relationships with community partners representing the major employers in the region including UMW.  Her focus there was on community relations that engaged the large associate population and grew the successful insurance brand.  Her time was spent on associate volunteerism, leadership development (to include interns), board representation as well as philanthropic strategy throughout the mid-Atlantic region from Virginia to Pennsylvania.  Additionally, she brings years of experience in Human Resources operations. She has over 30 years of corporate experience to lean on in growing the University’s partnerships with employers to create opportunities for student internships and first careers. 

As a Fredericksburg native, Amanda has served on many local and regional boards to make an impact in the areas of youth development, economic development and social justice just to name a few.  She and her family enjoy camping and traveling throughout the country.  “I am delighted to be able to harness the power of relationships to bring UMW’s best and brightest students to companies looking to leverage top talent for future success,” says Talbert.