July 13, 2024

Enhanced Annual Leave Benefit for Veterans

In keeping with the commitment to recruit and retain veterans, the Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM) has made some updates to the Annual Leave Policy (4.10).  The annual leave accrual rate has been modified to include a veteran’s service in the military, National Guard or Reserves. This change will be in effect starting January 10, 2023 and will apply to current and new employees.

Service includes:

• Active duty military;• National Guard or Reserves active or inactive duty; and/or• Full-time State or Federal National Guard duty.

Effective January 10, 2023, the annual leave accrual rate for current employees who are veterans will be adjusted based on their total years of service in the military, National Guard or Reserve. Employees must submit Form DD-214 to validate their years of service in order to receive this benefit. The HR Department will calculate total years of service by adding the net active service, total prior active service and total prior inactive service from Form DD-214 to the employee’s current state service.

IF you are a veteran, please complete the Veteran Status form and upload a copy of your DD-214 by COB December 14, 2022.  If you have more than one DD-214, please make sure to upload each one to ensure you get credit for all your service time.

Please contact Denise Frye or Beth Williams in Human Resources with any questions.

Thank you,

Beth Williams