July 12, 2024

Hauser and Berge Talk Digital Creation at Open Ed Conference

Shannon Hauser and Cartland Berge share their initiatives empowering digital creators at Reclaim Open. Photo by Tom Woodward

Director Cartland Berge and Associate Director Shannon Hauser, both of UMW’s Digital Knowledge Center (DKC), presented at Reclaim Open, a conference focused on leveraging the open nature of the web for education. Their talk highlighted DKC initiatives that give UMW students opportunities to practice digital creation and share knowledge with other students, including student-led workshops, fellowships, and employment opportunities. Hauser also sat on a panel discussing the benefits of web-building platforms like UMW’s Domain of One’s Own and Sites@UMW programs. The presentations can be viewed at the links below:  

Empowering Students to be Digital Creators 

Domain of One’s Own and WordPress Multisite – Better Together!