June 8, 2023

Let’s Chat About ChatGPT: UMW Faculty Perspectives on Emerging AI Technology

When you ask how UMW is using ChatGPT in the classroom, you’ll hear a variety of responses. Some students and faculty have yet to hear of the emerging AI technology. Some know it well and make use of it for their assignments whether instructors know it or not. Some say they’re being encouraged by their […]

Professors Pool Expertise to Create ‘Compelling Courses’

To teach mitosis, April Wynn has students in her class act out the process, portraying chromosomes that divide into nuclei. The assistant professor of biological sciences hopes to replicate lively exercises like this – but virtually – in the fall. “My goal is to promote the same level of engagement, energy and enthusiasm in an […]

Carve for a Cure in the News

The Carve for a Cure event co-hosted by Relay for Life and Campus Dining was recently featured in an article on AmericanTowns.com.  Great press for a great event!