May 25, 2024

Let’s Chat About ChatGPT: UMW Faculty Perspectives on Emerging AI Technology

When you ask how UMW is using ChatGPT in the classroom, you’ll hear a variety of responses. Some students and faculty have yet to hear of the emerging AI technology. Some know it well and make use of it for their assignments whether instructors know it or not. Some say they’re being encouraged by their […]

Business Faculty Publish Article in Health Policy and Technology

Mike Lapke, Dave Henderson and Chris Garcia from the College of Business, recently had their article, “The Disconnect Between Healthcare Provider Tasks and Privacy Requirements,” accepted for publication in Health Policy and Technology.


Business Faculty Article Accepted in AIS Educator Journal

Dave Henderson, Mike Lapke and Chris Garcia,  assistant professors in the College of Business, have had their article “SQL Injection: A Demonstration and Implications for Accounting Students” accepted for publication in the AIS Educator Journal.

Henderson Article Accepted for Publication

An article by Dave Henderson titled “Inhibitors and Enablers of GAS Usage: Testing the Dual Factor Theory” has been accepted for publication by the Journal of Information Systems. Henderson is an associate professor of accounting in the College of Business. The article was co-authored with Marianne Bradford and Amr Kotb.

Henderson Receives Outstanding Paper Award

Assistant Professor of Accounting Dave Henderson’s paper “E-business internal audit: The elephant is still in the room!” has been named as the Outstanding Paper of 2014 by the Journal of Applied Accounting Research, where it was also published. Henderson co-authored the paper with Amr Kotb, Accounting, Finance and Information Management Department at Lord Ashcroft Business School, and Alan Sangster, Accounting, Finance and Economics, Griffith Business School, Griffith University, Nathan, Australia.