October 2, 2023

TimelyCare Info for Faculty and Staff

TimelyCare for Faculty and Staff

What? This is a dedicated phone line for faculty and staff to reach the TimelyCare team for guidance and support in cases of student distress.

Who? Any faculty or staff member can use this resource.

Why? Faculty and staff are often the first line of support for students who can benefit from care.

How? Call 833-4-TIMELY any time, day or night. Connect with a Timely Care professional and talk about how to best support your student’s well-being.

When? Use this service when a student:

  • Shows academic signs of distress
  • Refers to self-harm
  • Shows physical and psychological signs of distress
  • Discloses problems with family, peers, a significant other or a recent personal loss
  • Isolates from peers, faculty or staff
  • Is identified by peers as potentially needing support