June 13, 2024

Sellers Presents at MCEAS Conference

Jason Sellers, assistant professor of History and American Studies, presented a paper at “From Conquest to Identity: New Jersey and the Middle Colonies in the Seventeenth Century,” a conference held in Trenton, N.J. March 27-28, sponsored by the New Jersey Council on the Humanities and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies. Sellers’s paper, “Creating Histories and Recovering Autonomy in the Hudson Valley,” was part of a panel considering the memories and legacies of England’s 1664 conquest of New Netherlands.

Jason Sellers Presents at Conference

Jason Sellers, assistant professor of history and American studies, presented a paper, “‘Wee drink one water’: Rivers and intercultural relations in the eighteenth-century Mid-Atlantic,” at the American Society for Ethnohistory’s annual meetings in New Orleans. The paper was part of a panel addressing waterways as borders in native North America.