May 23, 2024

Psychology Faculty and Students Present at APS

Miles-McLean, H., Schiffrin, H. H., Liss, M., *Geary, K., *Tashner, T., *Rizzo, K., & Erchull, M. J. (2013, May). Helping or hovering? The effects of helicopter parenting and autonomy support on college students’ mental health. Poster presented at the annual meeting for the Association for Psychological Science, Washington, DC.


NOTE:  There were several other faculty at the conference that also presented with their students including Jennifer Mailloux, Hilary Stebbins, Debra Steckler, Miriam Liss, & Mindy Erchull (they had a poster with different students in addition to this one).  So, you might want to contact them to get the complete information or you can search for their last names on the APS web site: