September 21, 2023

UMW Campus Police Community Advisory Panel Survey to Come

Today or tomorrow, faculty and staff will receive an email from the UMW Campus Police Community Advisory Panel (CAP). President Paino established CAP as an independent panel to examine the role of UMW Campus Police in our community in light of the current events in Fredericksburg and around the country.CAP will propose recommendations to President Paino for reforms, if warranted, to UMW Campus Police policies, procedures and practices to ensure that on-campus policing aligns with UMW’s Statement of Community Values (ASPIRE). As part of its inquiry, CAP commissioned surveys for the UMW community.

Campus community voices are vital to CAP’s examination of the role of the UMW Campus Police in our community. The survey is an expansion of similar surveys conducted about the UMW Campus Police in 2010 and 2015. Whether you are new to campus or are a long-standing member of the UMW community, please complete the survey. Your responses will help to shape the future of policing.

The survey takes fewer than fifteen minutes to complete, and the responses are completely confidential. Reports to CAP will be aggregate data only. Summary results will be shared with the UMW community later this fall.

Campus Police Community Advisory Board