May 26, 2024

Scanning Through History

It’s the ultimate combination of old and new.

Decked out in full body armor as a gladiator from the ancient Roman Empire, Senior Harry Rol clamps on his helmet and steps onto a 3-D printing scanner in the University of Mary Washington’s 21st century classroom known as the ThinkLab.

“You really look the part,” said Associate Professor of Classics Joe Romero, as Rol strikes a pose, knees bent with shield and sword at the ready.

Three Latin Alumni Selected as Teachers of the Year

Hallie Feingold ’13, Lindsay Biddinger Herndon ’05 and Kevin Perry ’00 were each named as Teacher of the Year at their respective schools for 2013-14.

Each of the recipients majored in Latin at the University of Mary Washington and all three won the Outstanding Graduate in Classics Award their graduation year.

“We could not be prouder of how they have gone on to contribute to the field of classics,” said Liane Houghtalin, professor of classics in the Department of Classics, Philosophy, and Religion.

Feingold was named New Teacher of the Year at Courtland High School, Biddinger Herndon was named Teacher of the Year at Spotsylvania High School and Perry was named Teacher of the Year for Spotsylvania Middle School. Biddinger Herndon and Perry are both finalists for Teacher of the Year for Spotsylvania County.

Uncovering the Past

Classics major helped archaeologists excavate and analyze thousand-year-old artifacts in Menorca and Portugal.