May 22, 2024

Call for 1980s Furniture: The Console Living Room Exhibit


Image Credit: “Home Gaming Archive Puts Classics at Your Fingertips”

After Spring Break, the Digital Studies program will be creating an interactive installation on the 4th Floor of the Information Technology & Convergence Center. The installation will feature a replica of a living room circa 1985. We would like to ask if anyone would be willing to loan or donate furniture, art, accessories, etc., from that era. For example, if you have any books, magazines, catalogs, posters, audio visual equipment (including personal computers), and furniture (lazy boys, couches, tables, etc.) they would be very useful. In particular, if anyone has a working, oversized TV set with a cathode ray tube—that would be greatly appreciated. Any and all contributions would be welcome. If you can help, please contact Jim Groom ( or Zach Whalen (