June 7, 2023

Louis Martinette

Associate Professor Louis Martinette was awarded the “Silver Patrick Henry Medallion for Patriotic Achievement” from the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW). Martinette accepted the award on behalf of the university and four MBA students. The students, Tracy Engle, Erin Leech, Caleb Stephens, and John Roberts worked to develop a marketing strategy plan for the MOWW during their MBUS 523 Marketing Strategy class. Engle, Leech, and Stephens graduated earlier this year (2010) and Roberts continues his studies at UMW. Roberts, a retired U. S. Marine Corps Captain, was so moved by the MOWW’s mission that he became a life member shortly after the project was completed.

The “Silver Patrick Henry Medallion for Patriotic Achievement” is the third-highest award bestowed by the Military Order of the World Wars for individual achievement. It may be awarded to any Companion of the Order or any other American citizen (over the age of 18) who has made a highly significant contribution to enhancing the mission and purposes of the Military Order of the World Wars.

The Military Order of the World Wars is a non-profit Veterans’ Service Organization founded in 1919 and chartered by Congress, dedicated to the promotion of: love and respect for flag and country; the patriotic education of America’s young people; fraternal relations among the military services; the cultivation of military, naval and aerospace sciences; the preservation of the records of individual services; the conduct of ceremonies to honor those who serve our country; and the creation and preservation of memorials of our nation’s wars. The ethos of the Military Order of the World Wars is best expressed by its enduring motto: “It is More Noble to Serve Than To Be Served.”

In his acceptance speech, Martinette pointed to the achievements of the students and the Richmond Chapter Commander of the MOWW, CDR John Baumgarten, USN (Ret), as those who were most deserving of the honor as they did the work and thoroughly addressed the marketing challenges facing the Order.

Along with CDR Baumgarten’s input, the students had to research the 91-year history of the MOWW, review its current strategic plan, and develop a viable marketing strategy for helping the Order reverse its shrinking membership rolls. They had to do this in the context of the marketing course they were taking, which required that they match the theoretical underpinnings of their studies with the practical needs of the MOWW. The results were exceptional.

At the national meeting in El Paso, Texas, CDR Baumgarten presented the plan and recommendations to the MOWW board and received rave reviews for its substance and an expression of deep gratitude for the work of all involved parties. In recognition of their efforts, each of the graduate students was presented a MOWW Certificate of Appreciation by CDR Baumgarten.

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Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.