June 3, 2023

College of Business Faculty to Present in Ireland

Lou Martinette

Mukesh Srivastava and Lou Martinette’s co-authored paper entitled Building a Sustainable Competitive Advantage” has been accepted for presentation at the11th World Congress of the International Federation of Scholarly Association of Management (IFSAM) 2012 to be held at the University of Limerick from June 26 to 29.

This research study focuses on the cross-industrial best practices in the context of the resource based competitive advantage model of the firm. It identifies managerial levers, tools and systems which all collectively combine to influence a firm’s ability to sustain its core competences and therefore its competitive advantage. Specifically, contemporary techniques are discussed that provide credible, accountable leadership, high performance recruitment, & employee rewards, retention of creative people, building a more engaged workforce, improved strategy definition and more balanced execution tools.

Mukesh Srivastava

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