June 25, 2024

Psychology Faculty and Students Present in Chicago

Psychology faculty members Mindy Erchull, Miriam Liss, Virginia Mackintosh, Christine McBride, David Rettinger, Holly Schiffrin and Hilary Stebbins will present research at the 2012 Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention from Thursday, May 24 through Sunday, May 27 in Chicago.

Liss and Schiffrin, along with 2012 graduate Kathryn Rizzo, will present “The Impact of Intensive Parenting on the Well-Being of Mothers.” Liss and Schiffrin are the faculty sponsors of “Mother, father, or parent? College students’ intensive parenting beliefs differ by referent,” presented by students Katherine Geary, Taryn Tashner, Haley Miles-McLean,  Kathryn Rizzo and Charlotte Hagerman.

Schiffrin, Liss, Mackintosh, Erchull and student Haley Miles McLean will present “Development and Validation of a Quantitative Measure of Intensive Parenting Attitudes.”

McBride will present “The Impact of Cognitive Stress, Social Stress, and Appraisals on Eating Behavior” with student Janet Greider. Students Erin Burdwood and Amy Newcomb also were part of the research team.

Rettinger will present “Guilt-Proneness and Fear of Being Caught Deter Cheating” with students Caitlin Brady, Megan Hess, Frank Knizner and Caroline Lupsha.

Stebbins will present “The Interaction Between Emotional Expressions of Face Targets in the Attentional Blink” with students Alyssa Dembrowski, David Levin and Chelsea Mageland.

About Brynn Boyer

Brynn Boyer is assistant director of media and public relations and a 2010 graduate of UMW.