May 22, 2024

Jen Chiang Publishes Articles

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, has a research article published in the Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics with the title “Harmonic and Biharmonic Maps of Riemann Surfaces.”

She also publishes another research article in Essays on Mathemaitcs and Statistics by Athens Institute for Education and Research, with the title “Biwave Maps, Stability and Conservation Law,” which was presented at the 5th International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics in Athens, Greece.


  1. Margaret Mi says

    From what I have heard about the presentation, it was well received.

  2. Jen is a great mathematician. The level of her mathematics is such that those receiving PH.D. degrees can just begin to read what she is creating.

    Keep up the excellent work Jen!

  3. Jen is a great mathematician. Her research is top of the line. People who receive a Ph. D. in mathematics (in the area or the topology of manifolds) can read begin to read her work — it takes a life-time really understand the level of her mathematics — this is world class.