January 17, 2018

Chiang Publishes Article in AEJM, Presents at MCA

Professor of Mathematics Yuan-Jen Chiang published a research article, Equivariant exponentially harmonic maps between manifolds with metrics of signature in the Asian-European Journal of Mathematics.

She also presented a research paper, Leaf-wise harmonic maps of manifolds with 2-dimensional foliations at the 2nd Mathematical Congress of the Americas, which occurs every four years, in Montreal, Canada.

Chiang Publishes Article in BIM Academia Sinica

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, published an article titled “Leaf-wise Harmonic Maps of Manifolds with 2-Dimensional Foliations” http://web.math.sinica.edu.tw/bulletin/archives_articlecontent16.jsp?bid=MjAxNjIwMg in the Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica.

She also presented her publication “Exponentially harmonic maps, exponential stress energy and stability” at International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians in Beijing, China. She was on a sabbatical leave in Fall 2016.


Chiang Publishes Article in SABM

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, had a joint research article titled “Transversally Harmonic Morphisms between Foliated Riemannian Manifolds” published in the Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics (the second paper).

Chiang Publishes Research Article in CCM

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, has published a research article titled “Exponentially Harmonic Maps, Exponential Stress Energy and Stability” in Communications in Contemporary Mathematics by World Scientific Publisher.

Chiang Publishes Article, Presents at ICMP

Yuan-Jen Chiang, professor of mathematics, had a research article “Exponentially Harmonic Maps and Their Properties” published in Mathematische Nachrichten by Wiley-VCH in Europe.

She presented “Some Properties of f-biharmonic Maps” at the 2015 International Congress on Mathematical Physics in Santiago, Chile. She also presented “Transversally f-biharmonic Maps between Foliated Riemannian Manifolds” at the Lehigh University Geometry and Topology Conference.

Chiang Publishes in American Mathematical Society Journal

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, publishes a joint article “Paying Tribute to James Eells and Joseph H. Sampson: In Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of Their Pioneering Work on Harmonic Maps” in the Communications section of the April issue of the Notices of American Mathematical Society, 2015.

Jen Chiang Presents at ICM, Publishes Article

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, presented a research paper “On Exponential Harmonic Maps” at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians (held every 4 years) in Seoul, South Korea. This paper has been accepted by Acta Mathematica Sinica.

She also published a joint research article “Remarks of Transversally f-Biharmonic Maps” (refereed) by the Society of Balkan Geometry in Europe.

Jen Chiang Published in the Journal of Geometry

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, published a joint research article  “Transversal Wave Maps and Transversal Exponential Wave Maps” in the Journal of Geometry. It investigated the properties  and relationship of transversal wave maps and transversal exponential wave maps.

Jen Chiang Publishes Articles

Yuan-Jen Chiang, Professor of Mathematics, has a research article published in the Global Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics with the title “Harmonic and Biharmonic Maps of Riemann Surfaces.”

She also publishes another research article in Essays on Mathemaitcs and Statistics by Athens Institute for Education and Research, with the title “Biwave Maps, Stability and Conservation Law,” which was presented at the 5th International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics in Athens, Greece.

Chiang Publishes Book in Series

Developments of Harmonic Maps, Wave Maps and Yang-Mills Fields into Biharmonic Maps, Biwave Maps and Bi-Yang-Mills Fields”  by Yuan-Jen Chiang, professor of mathematics, was published by Birhauser, Springer, Basel, in the series of “Frontiers in Mathematics” in Europe.

She presented “Developments of Harmonic Maps into Biharmonic Maps” at the second Pacific Rim Mathematical Association Congress, which occurs every four years, in Shanghai, China. She also presented “Harmonic and Biharmonic Maps between Riemannian Manifolds” at a Colloquium of Mathematics Department, National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei.