June 13, 2024

Call For ‘Wellness Passport’ Event Submissions

The President’s Council on Wellness (PCOW) is reaching out to share exciting and important updates related to the Wellness Passport this semester. We encourage you to reach out to us at wellness@umw.edu with questions or concerns as this is a work in progress. Also, please feel free to pass along this information to colleagues who may be interested.

Learn more about the Passport
Are you curious, “What is the wellness passport? What does it mean to be a passport event?” See the UMW Wellness Passport PDF for an easy to share document.

Get your events ‘Passported’
If your department is interested in submitting your events to be a part of the Wellness Passport initiative, please see the deadlines below and submit to the submission form.

  • Events happening prior to spring break, please submit by January 24.
  • Events happening post spring break, please submit by February 14.

What will happen at a ‘Wellness Passported’ event?
As a Passported event, PCOW will provide you with:

  • A Printed Flyer or Powerpoint Slide (you can choose your preference in the form)
  • Passport Stickers (delivered within a week of the event)
  • Paper Forms for tracking participation and learning

Please follow @UMW_Wellness on Facebook and Instagram, tag us in your passport event posts, and message us any event images so we can help share it as your event is approaching!

For your reference, here are UMW’s six Dimensions of Wellness:

Physical: Taking care of one’s body by partaking in healthy practices such as exercise, a nutritious diet, and getting adequate sleep. Acknowledging the importance of one’s physical surroundings and taking an active role in sustaining it.

Mental: Combining the elements of emotional well-being and intellectual curiosity, mental wellness includes being attentive to one’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; positive or negative. Having the ability to approach life optimistically and with resiliency despite life’s inevitable disappointments. Seeking out ways to expand one’s knowledge and skills.

Social: Fostering a sense of connection and belonging with others. Involves using good communication skills, respecting oneself and others, and creating and maintaining a well-developed support system.

Spiritual: Taking steps to identify one’s values and beliefs in order to expand one’s sense of purpose and to find meaning in their life. Keeping an open mind and demonstrating tolerance towards others.

Financial: Striving to live a life within one’s means and taking steps to ensure one’s finances are prepared to support them in both the short and long term.

Occupational: Finding purpose and fulfillment in one’s professional journey while working to maintain balance between personal and work-life.