May 31, 2023

Richardson Column in The Free Lance-Star

UMW College of Business Dean Lynne Richardson

UMW College of Business Dean Lynne Richardson

College of Business Dean Lynne Richardson’s latest column deals with being flexible with working, teaching and learning remotely. Read PIVOT QUICKLY.


I love change.

But I know the world does not embrace change the way I do, so it’s been amazing to see how, when under the gun, people pivot within days to change how they deliver their work.

Unless you work in grocery or a hospital, or drive trucks, you are probably teleworking or have dramatically changed how you deliver your product.

Has it been fun? No. But it’s been necessary, and we’ve seen people step up and—dare I say—surprise themselves at how they’ve been able to pivot quickly. While the delivery of their product or service may not be the same quality or meet the same set of expectations as before COVID-19, it’s been pretty darn good. And that’s been fun to watch, even if it hasn’t been fun to execute.

Look at K–12 and higher education. Both are educating students online now. Yes, parents have picked up much of the K–12 responsibilities, but the teachers are helping them by creating expectations and sharing lesson plans. Read more.