October 3, 2023

Richardson Column in The Free Lance-Star

UMW College of Business Dean Lynne Richardson

UMW College of Business Dean Lynne Richardson

College of Business Dean Lynne Richardson’s latest column in The Free Lance-Star is titled, “CARE ENOUGH TO COACH.”


I once had a colleague who provided me with opportunities to be a coach. As a manager, he had a good heart and gave me every indication that he wanted to be a good manager. But there were many times he did things that ultimately gave me the opportunity to care enough about him to correct his behavior.

Did you catch that? I cared enough about him to have tough conversations with him. Eventually, he said that to me. He shared that he had told his wife about one of our recent conversations, and his wife remarked, “She must care a lot about you to keep sharing ways that you can get better.”

Have you either thought about corrective actions as caring? Most of us do not. Read more.